Saturday, January 30, 2010


Welcome to my... life, I guess.
I've been someone who has wanted a blog for many years, but could never think of what to blog about. My life was never the kind I thought would be interesting to other people. And, indeed, it wasn't. It isn't. As it stands right now, I am 23, broke, and living in the big city. I don't go out with friends, I have no serious hobbies, and I am a shameless internet addict.


I have a goal. By the time I am 35 years old, I want to live the life I've so far only dreamed of. I want to own a home, an urban farmstead. I want to escape the daily grind of 9to5, and live solely off the profits of my real passion (professional theatre) and whatever hobbies might crop up along the way.

And I'm treating the next twelve years as an experiment in getting there. Because I not only need to work hard, if I plan to live outside the world of financial security, but I also need to cultivate the sense of self that I somehow lost along the way to this point.

You will probably find all sorts of nonsense here in the future. Musings on my progress, admonishments for not moving along as I planned. Insights as to how exactly I'm accomplishing what I have. It will probably be two parts artistic ramblings and one part financial woes. And you might even get to hear about my not-wedding, if that happens as I suspect it might.
So... join me. Maybe my journey won't be quite as straight as the crow flies. But... We'll get there.

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