Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I was looking at my blog stats, and apparently, one person from the Czech Republic has viewed my blog.

You know you've made it when... ^_^

In all seriousness, I'm really just here to point you in the direction of

Raven Gemini

Also known as my burlesque alter-ego. I'll eventually have a real website for her. Just like I'll eventually blog on a regular basis. :P

Um... anyway. The whole point of this is to say that I will be performing (in my official DEBUT, no less) this Friday in Chicago. It's going to be fabulous. I'm sure video will be forthcoming.

Monday, July 25, 2011


...Apparently, one word titles with an exclamation point have become a thing. :P

No, I am just here to let you all know that my Etsy store is up and running! You can find me at:

The Raven's Nest

Right now, my shop is a little bit empty, since I've had about two seconds to do anything the last few weeks. But I did make myself a new fascinator, as a prototype for a new design I'd like to implement. And I also got to test out some new, improved construction techniques. So, a partial yay all around.

The other big news is that I'm leaving my current day-job to be the full time box office manager at a theatre I've been working with for the past year. It's nice to get to keep building relationships with people. It is a fairly large pay cut for me, but I think I'm going to be a little happier being with theatre people all the time.

To help ease that financial burden, I also brought my bike up from Michigan. Cycling is free, it's healthy, zillions of people in Chicago commute by bicycle... and it will allow me to decompress before I get home. I'm looking forward to hopping on that bike and zipping along the lakeshore.

Alrighty. Time to get this party started.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Thanks to a power outage at work, which prevents us from operating... I'm on day three of an unexpected vacation. This has afforded me a LOT of time to get things done, as well as time to heal, rest up, and get my mind in a better place.

Since Monday, I have:
~Taken a walk every day (something I want to do regardless of my job situation)
~Finished sewing the vest for my debut burlesque costume
~Finished the pasties for said costume
~Rhinestoned one half of the bra for said costume (while listening to season 2 of MacGyver)
~Washed all the dishes in my sink
~Re-watched season 3 of RuPaul's Drag Race
~Checked out a book from the library (well... I had put it on hold last week, I picked it up today)
~Made a cherry pie

...I also have been making all kinds of excuses as to why I get to treat myself to lunch/dinner/ice cream/etc. Which is not so good for my budget, but the upside is that I haven't used the three-quarters of a tank of gas that I would have used to get to work the last three days... so I think it evens out.

I've been told we might also have tomorrow off, which means I will likely get to finish blinging out my burly-q costume (finishing the bra/panties, and then adding sequins), as well as photographing and posting on Etsy the 8 or 10 feather fascinators I haven't yet sold. I was going to photograph them today, but I've been having a hell of a time trying to find a place in my apartment that will make nice photographs. I'm settling on using my nifty looking radiator as a backdrop, but that means I need to wait for a time when the bright afternoon sun isn't streaming through that window. ...Also, I need to wash my floor, because this apartment is NASTY.

(It's a lot cleaner than it was last week, due to my having time to clean, but...)

It's... uplifting to be accomplishing so much. I have a hell of a lot more energy at the end of the day, and I feel like I'm accomplishing something worthwhile. I was afraid, by midafternoon yesterday, that I wouldn't be able to handle working for myself, now that I've got the chance for a mini trial-run. But really, I've gotten a lot done, and I've been pretty disciplined about sitting down to do my work.

I tend to be really... spacey about doing things, washing a dish, then coming back to watch an EPISODE of some show or other, but I'm tired of letting that be an excuse. So... at 8 this morning, there I was with Pandora playing on the countertop, buzzing through the whole sinkful. Learning how to manage myself is definitely going to be a learning curve, once I get there, but I'm starting to think I'll be ok.
Plus, this week is also proving that, once I *do* quit my day job once and for all, I'll spend at least a week doing basically nothing, until I get bored enough (and concerned enough about my income) to jump back up and take care of business. And I'm ok with that.

All I can say at this point is THANK GOD for unexpected vacation. It is exactly what I needed.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Raven Gemini

I've been realizing lately how terribly negative I am when it comes to my own accomplishments. And I'm setting out to change that.

Yes, I'm slower than a tree when it comes to making, doing, accomplishing. But there are a lot of reasons for that, and my goal now needs to be working within those reasons, instead of using them as an excuse, and getting down on myself for being useless. Because I've done a lot, in the grand scheme of things. I just need to foster the focus and discipline to really buckle down and make my life happen exactly the way I want it to.

Accomplishment of the week: I got myself a Chicago Public Library card. Which means I can take out all sorts of books to read up on starting a small business, not to mention honing my crafts.

Sort-of-accomplishment: I've been doing ok on the cash diet. I did use my card a little this week, but it's still under the limit, for the first time in three months. I'm having a tough time adjusting to not going out all the time... but I'll get better.