Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Remember that part where I'm BAD at this?

Still bad at keeping up with the Joneses blogging.

I'm still trucking away at life. Burlesque things are going well. I'm debuting my SECOND act this Friday, hurray!

The downside to everything is that I'm hopelessly poor, as always, and I'm entirely sick of it. So I'm looking at finding ways to supplement my income a little.

I've dabbled with several online moneymaking schemes in the past, things like CashCrate and other GPT sites... most of which just flood your life with spam, which really isn't worth the $20 or $30 you do end up making with them.

I used to use Associated Content (now owned by Yahoo!), and I continue to receive a few dollars in my PayPal at the end of each month from them. (Not bad for someone who didn't contribute regularly) I really like Associated Content/The YAHOO Contributor Network, or whatever they're calling themselves nowadays. They pay based on page views. If you're savvy (not like me), you can generate a good amount of targeted content that will end up making you quite a lot of money in a short amount of time. I never did make much money through them, but I was never really aiming to either. And the bonus of looking at my PayPal every few months and finding five bucks I didn't know I had is always nice too.

But I'm thinking I need something a little more substantial this time around. And while I *could* pop onto AC and crank out some crap about Kim Kardashian, Dancing with the Stars, or The X-Factor... the truth is I don't even own a television, so I'm not exactly at the forefront of popular culture. So I'm looking into some sites that offer work as a transcriptionist. These are Scribie.com and Quicktate.com.

As of right now, I know absolutely zero about either of them, as I've just signed up. But I have heard some decent things about both, so I'll try to remember to tell you how it ends up.

Really, if I can manage another $10 or $15 per week, I'll be better off than where I am today. And it will be $10 or $15 I can play with, instead of racking my credit card back up through the ceiling.

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