Friday, April 13, 2012

Sometimes life gets in the way

Sometimes life gets in the way, and sometimes you just get so bogged down looking at the teeny, insignificant little details, that you can't possibly see anything other than minutae and blur.  I've been having one of those moments. 

An update:  The costume for my Live Band burlesque act is coming together.  I still have bunches to do, but it's mostly cosmetic work now, making everything sparklier and prettier, and more custom-looking.  I have until next Saturday to have the final touches on everything, but I'd still like to get the brunt of it all done this weekend. 

Another update:  I have been bad.  I have been bad because I am so used to being bad that it is more second nature to me than being good.  I have wanted to take photographs, and told myself, of all things, maybe later. 

There is no maybe later in life.  I am slowly re-learning the art of living on impulse, of giving myself permission to do things. 

I am also starting to save some money for a new lens for my camera.  I'm debating between the 50mm f1.8 or the 50mm f1.4.  the 1.4 is about three hundred dollars more expensive, which means I won't have it until my birthday, at least, unless some things start looking up for me, but it's a much better quality lens.  I'm torn between instant (well, more instant) gratification, and my unbending will to have only the nicest things. 

I'll probably go for the 1.4, for the record.  If I play my cards right, I'll have fifty dollars toward it by the end of the month, which means $350 left to go.  ^_^  The way I figure it, if I buy nicer lenses from the outset, I won't have to upgrade EVERYTHING when that magical day comes when I can afford a real, professional-level digital camera body. 

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