Wednesday, October 12, 2011

long and rambly

Hey kids,

Yet another day, here in the city. So... I found this site called WePay, which is kind of like Kickstarter, but you can use it to raise money for anything. Like... begging people to pay for you to go to school.

This is my shameless self-promotion, by the way.

...Anyway, I posted this to Facebook, and, as fast as you can blink, I had a page-long rant from the lawyer-brother of a friend of mine, someone I barely know. It basically boiled down to "Ooh, look at the poor, privileged, upper-middle-class American white girl, thinking she's got it SO BAD, and panhandling! Why don't you just take out loans, like the rest of us?"

First off, I'm planning to, asshole. But bear this in mind. the 100,000 plus dollars in loans I'll need? You, Mr. Lawyer, make that in a year. You'd pay those loans off in about five. *I*, on the other hand, make $15,000 a year, and, after expenses, it would take me about fifty years to pay them off. If my aunt Milly sees me on Facebook, and throws a hundred bucks my way, don't you think that's going to make my life a little easier?

Urgh. I'm a lot less mad about it now, but it was pretty bad when I was at work and smoke was billowing out my ears. Seriously, I don't seriously believe that utter strangers are going to fund my education. But my family might help. And also, if you take that much offense to something, instead of poking the hornet's nest, just GO THE FUCK AWAY. I'm not asking YOU for a handout, just move along. How hard is it to keep your opinion to yourself and just go on your way?

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