Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cooking without a net: Spruiced up Mac & Cheese

Oh, hey.  Guess what?  Sometimes, I'm known to actually cook food.  (This doesn't happen as often as it should.  See also: Why I continue to be poverty-ridden.)  I'm one of those lucky people who gets a little assistance from time to time, when it comes to my groceries, so I'm lucky enough to be able to put together the occasional chicken pot pie (or the delicious tortellini soup I made last week), but when things are tight, we all revert back to our days as starving college students and pick up boxes of that wonderful staple: nuclear-orange macaroni and cheese. 

I admit it.  I love the stuff.  But I also love not feeling like a broke-ass, so I tend to spiff it up a little.  This is my standard procedure:

1) Make mac & cheese.
2) While boiling noodles, heat saucepan with some olive oil or butter.
3) saute a clove (or two.  Or three) of garlic
4) slice mushrooms (button are fine.  I like the baby 'bellas) and add to garlic.
5) sprinkle mushrooms liberally with oregano and rosemary
6) throw a bunch of baby spinach on top and cut off the heat.
7) drain your noodles.  While they're draining, stick your veggies in the pot with the cheese powder, butter, milk. 
8) put your noodles back in, mix, and consume. 


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