Thursday, March 13, 2014

Feminism without a net: Shit, son.

This article has been making the rounds on Facebook. 

Someone else I know posted this on their wall (predictably, a dude), saying it's BS. I said that it was setting a precedent, that it protects women in domestic abuse and/or rape situations. I was told that I was overreacting and blowing things out of proportion because the guy involved in the case directly cited here "was a nice guy and didn't hit her" (But does it even say whether that was the case or not?)

Guess what? I don't give a shit. In fact, I don't give a shit if the woman in this case was a raving bitch, because if you're pregnant, you have a free pass to be a raving bitch. You earned it. The point is this: If you, as a human being, are made to feel uncomfortable FOR ANY REASON, by another human being, it is your right to take reasonable (read: don't kill anyone) measures to not have to be in contact with them. If you're a woman, and the father of your child is making you feel threatened or uncomfortable (maybe he raped you. Maybe he turned into a stalker ex. Maybe he was abusive in some way. Maybe he's Bode Miller. Oh. Wait.), he doesn't waive your right to taking those measures just by virtue of the fact that he stuck his dick in you a couple of times.

 The kicker, of course, is that, once I explained all those things, my comments were promptly deleted from the public wall of the original poster, and then he took to private messages to continue to chastise me for my inability to read and comprehend the article properly.  All this from someone whose grammar is practically indecipherable.  But what do I expect from a person who "wants to get me work" (full disclosure; this is someone with whom I have a professional relationship), but then hangs up on me in the middle of bookings "because he didn't like the terms" the photographer was setting.  As if I can't use my own instincts and voice when I feel like things are heading into an uncomfortable territory.

Oh, man.  Remember when Megan didn't have opinions?  I bet everyone liked me a whole hell of a lot more back then.  

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