Thursday, March 21, 2013

What have you been up to, Raven Gemini?

What HAVE you been up to, Raven Gemini?

Well, aside from my recent renaissance (this always seems to happen in the springtime), I really haven't updated much since September.  Which is understandable, considering the time I've been having since then. 

I got fired.  But not really.  I got "laid off" because there was no money to pay me during the beginning of our season this year, but I never actually stopped working, and I managed to get paid all the same.  It's a long story. 

I spent a long time being shaken by that, and allowing it to breed a lot of stress that shouldn't have even existed into my life. 

I continued to build my Burlesque repertoire, including semi-retiring one of my first acts.  (It might come back in the near future, in an altered state)

You can find those videos here:

I've been slowly and quietly building momentum for my photography business in the background.  It's not happening as quickly as I would like, but nothing ever does.

I applied to Columbia!  And got rejected.  But I applied.  And I will again next year, with a more cohesive portfolio, and maybe some classes under my belt.

All in all, I've been moving myself into a better situation, slowly but surely.  

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