Sunday, February 23, 2014

Theatre without a net: It's called respect

We all know I'm Stage Managing a show at present.  It is one of three shows that will be running in rep. for the month of March, and the only show that is not being called or run by the company's resident Stage Manager.

This is the second day of tech.  Today.  Today is the second day of tech.  Tomorrow is our first dress rehearsal.  As in: everything needs to be finished tonight.  I was told, TODAY, that the time we had scheduled for tech since December is actually an hour shorter than we had thought it was.

Which leaves me with a cumulative seven hours to tech a two hour show.  Seven hours, over two days, which includes a total of 2 hours of changeover time.

I did mention that I'm only getting paid $200 for this show, right?  When my going rate is usually around $500?  That I burned up my stipend in CTA fares within the first month of rehearsal, and am therefore actually losing about $200 to work this show?

Yeah.  For obvious reasons, I'm not even going to mention who I'm working with here.

WHEE:  SUBSTANTIAL EDIT TIME.  It looks like we were BOTH wrong.  My time for today was ultimately correct (meaning that extra hour is totally still there), but literally no one thought to tell me that they were talking about tomorrow until about seven emails in.  So... there's that, I guess. 

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