Thursday, February 13, 2014

Writing without a net

One of the few things I am exceptionally disciplined about is writing.  Unlike pretty much everything else, I get up and write when I'm sick, when I'm depressed, when I'm so busy with other things my head might explode.  I drabble on the train, I journal in coffeeshops, I slip quotes and soundbytes in between rehearsal reports and line notes. 

The kicker, of course, is that writing really is the last thing I do purely for the joy of it.  I don't write to make money.  I don't receive monetary compensation of any kind for the vast majority of the work I do. 

Like this place, a lot of it is journalling.  Mental check-ins.  Some of it is focused on organizing and crystallizing my purpose for the day, week, month, what-have-you.  And... A lot of it is fanfiction. 

Judge away.  I'll wait. 

Unfortunately for you, dear readers few and far-between, the stuff I write is good.  It's... GOOD.  I write fanfiction to lay the smackdown on other stories, to proverbially 'show them how it's done'.  Well... That's not WHY I write them.  I write them because I have crushes on Ben Linus and MacGyver and the only satisfaction I can get is to weave my own little proxy into their universe.  But it's no secret that writing is the one skill I possess that has been honed and shaped by years of gradual practice.  Somehow, impatient, perfectionist Megan (Raven?) allowed a hobby to survive that was, in the beginning, just as rough and awful and blatantly self-insertient and sensationalist as everyone else, and slowly weeded out the awful bits and polished in a sense of style. 

One of the things I plan on doing with this little blog is making regular updates that involve segments of my fanfiction.  Barf, I know.  If you're not a fan of MacGyver, or LOST, or Person of Interest, or Star Trek... too bad.  Feel free to skip 'em.  But they'll probably be a weekly thing, aggregated under "writing without a net"

So get used to it.  First up will be the oldest story I dare share with a public audience.  Between Two Fires.  The first story I ever began writing, put down, walked away for literally years, came back, picked up, dusted off, and realized I could still work with. That's what you get to look forward to.

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